Top 10 Buyer Mistakes

  1. Posting real estate thoughts and feelings on social media
  2. Paying a transaction fee
  3. Speaking directly with the seller before or after an offer
  4. Not choosing the right agent or company for you and your needs
  5. Believing what you see on HGTV or read online. Every market is different.
  6. Not choosing a local lender and not following their advice. i.e. don’t quit/change your job, be careful with credit, don’t buy big ticket items or have large unexplained deposits during the home buying process
  7. Not getting prequalified before looking at homes and not shopping for that loan
  8. Not hiring a buyer’s agent to work for you. Relying, instead, on friends and family for advice
  9. Waiting to see everything on the market and holding out for the perfect home
  10. Waiting until the last minute to shop for homeowner’s insurance