Moving to Michigan: Relocation Guide

Boasting a coastline that stretches up to 3,000 miles, Michigan has plenty to offer potential residents. Have you decided to make the move to the Great Lakes State? Before you up and pack your belongings, here are the things you need to know about relocating to this Midwestern jewel. 

  1. The weather can get extreme. Michiganders can experience hot summers, and while winter transforms the state into a snowy wonderland, expect low temperatures and heavy snowfall. If possible, plan to move to Michigan some time in spring or early fall.
  2. Detroit is not Michigan’s capital. The city of Lansing is. It’s where you will find most of the state’s governmental, commercial, educational, and industrial functions. Detroit, on the other hand, is Michigan’s largest city.
  3. Living in Michigan doesn’t cost so much. While Michigan’s property taxes rank high up the charts, the cost of living is significantly lower than the country’s average. It is important to note, however, that this may be attributed to the fact that some areas in Michigan are still in the early stages of economic recovery. Still, paying less for a luxury home in a highly sought-after neighborhood sure has its perks.
  4. Make sure to register your out-of-state car. If you’re moving to Michigan with an out-of-state car, it’s crucial to register it once you’ve become an official resident. Transfer your out-of-state driver’s license and register your car in a Michigan SOS (Secretary of State) office with all the necessary documents. For more information on car registration, visit If you’ve got questions about applying for a new license, head over to
  5. Review the state’s new resident information. Michigan’s New Resident page (,4670,7-127-50050—,00.html) is an important gateway that will help you ease into your transition from a Michigan outsider to a full-fledged Michigander. The website contains all the necessary information such as insurance requirements, fishing permits, etc. 

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