About Marquette County

Marquette County is a county located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, home to some of the most beautiful natural surroundings in the nation. The county is named after Father Marquette, who was a Jesuit missionary. Not only is Marquette County the largest county in Michigan in terms of land size, it is also the most populated county in the Upper Peninsula.

Living in Marquette County

Marquette County offers its residents an excellent quality of life, with plenty of things do to, breathtaking scenery, and a quaint and safe small town charm. The Huron Mountains are also located here, providing a beautiful backdrop. There are several other natural attractions to enjoy in Marquette County, including Lake Superior, a nationally acclaimed bike trail system, Hogsback and Sugarloaf Mountain, and Presque Isle.

Residents of Marquette County enjoy access to quality healthcare at the Hospital and Upper Peninsula Medical Center. The medical center offers a wide range of healthcare services, including primary care, preventative care, and emergency care.

There are several school districts located within Marquette County, including Gwinn, Marquette, Negaunee, NICE Community Schools, and Ishpeming Schools, and more. If you’d like more detailed information for the schools boards of each district, it can be found in Part 5 of the Government Information Directory provided by the Marquette County Clerk’s Office.

There are several natural protected areas in Marquette County, including Hiawatha National Forest, Huron National Wildlife Refuge, and the Ottawa Natural Forest. In addition, there are also numerous historical markers, which are popular attractions. Some of the more popular attractions are Cliffs Shaft Mine, The Landmark Inn, The Lower Harbor and Ore Docks.

Real Estate in Marquette County – Marquette MI Real Estate

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