Ewing Township

Located in the southeasternmost corner of Marquette County, Ewing Township is bordered on its western side by Wells Township and on its northern side by the two townships of Forsyth and Turin, while Delta County lies on its southeastern side. The Escanaba River actually marks the township’s western boundary as it flows from the north towards the Boney Falls Basin to the south. Ewing Township is mostly covered with wetlands, and is regarded as the most remote township in Marquette County. If you’re driving from other areas within the county, you actually have to leave the county first and then go through the community of Rock in Delta County.

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Ewing Township MI Real Estate and Ewing Township MI Homes for Sale

Ewing Township real estate options are mostly limited to single-family residences on land with generous acreage, which is perfect for ranches, farms, and equestrian properties. Laid-out communities and planned developments are nowhere to be found in the township, with homes and lots far away from each other, making the area ideal for those who desire privacy and seclusion. A rudimentary road network exists, with the main artery and access point being Maple Ridge Road, which goes to the nearby community of Rock in Delta County.

Local Attractions

Boney Falls Basin – This impoundment is located on the southwest corner of Ewing Township, and is where the Escanaba River flows as it heads towards Lake Michigan to the south. The area is heavily forested and offers lovely scenic views of the surroundings. During the summer, fly fishing for brown trout is a popular pastime in the basin, and the river’s gentle current makes it ideal for light boating, particularly canoeing, and there’s also a campsite nearby. Boney Falls Basin is also an excellent spot for wetland wildlife viewing, especially bird watching, as the area is a breeding habitat for a wide variety of forest songbirds, while eagles and hawks can be commonly seen flying above the river.